The Freedom Formula for letting go of habits and addictions
How I used The FREEDOM FORMULA to walk away from addiction to pornography.
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I was addicted to pornography for 18 years. 10 of those as a married man.

I was also convinced I would never be able to leave it behind me until I went through an insanely simple process that completely freed me of that nagging desire to go looking for pornography.

It even freed me of the fear of ever returning to it.
  •  No more 12-step meetings.
  •  No more accountability buddies.
  •  No more walking around feeling like I deserved to be punished because of my addiction.
Just freedom.

I was so dumbstruck by how weirdly effective this was that I didn’t think it would work for anyone else.

Until a mom came to me with her 12-year-old son.

He had found some pornography on his father’s computer and been terrified of anything to do with computers from then on.

Couldn’t function around them.

His mom didn’t know to help him. She had a counseling background, and was concerned that this would scar her son for life.

So I told her about my experience, and she eagerly asked me to take her son through it.

It was spring time, so we met at a park in the middle of town. I had a couple of my kids with me because they wanted to play on the playground set, and he had brought a friend along as well.

Then the two of us loped off across the wet grass and sat on one of those wire park benches underneath a pine tree.

45 minutes later, he walked back to his mom with a smile on his face.

As they drove off, I remember thinking to myself, “I hope that worked.“ I called her a few months later to check in with them. Here’s what she told me:
“He’s doing spectacular! He hasn’t had a problem since that day.“
That’s when I realized that this process wasn’t just for people like me. It was simple enough that a 12-year-old could do it and powerful enough to free him, too.

Since then, I have I’ve helped others using the same method.
  •  Ryan and Steven both walked away from decades of looking at pornography. (Their stories are on the side over there)* 
  •  I’ve also spoken with people struggling to change their eating habits and quit using drugs.
And every time, this weirdly simple process has had a powerful effect.

If you’re someone looking to change behaviors that you feel stuck in - behaviors or habits or addictions that you can’t seem to shake no matter how hard you try, this might be for you.

You see, I had tried and failed everything else.
Coaching programs
 12-step programs
 Private Counseling
 Reading and Studying
 Online Programs
 Forming New Habits
 Energy Techniques
 Guided Meditation
 Healing Training
Accountability Partners
Basically the works. And all I ever found was temporary freedom with a whole lot of guilt and worry about going back.

I was told that I would always be addicted. That the best I could do was to be “sober“. 

I was surrounded by men who had given up things they loved because they couldn’t change this one habit.

And something inside me screamed, “No! This can’t be IT!”

Spending a life “not doing something“ was not a life worth living for me. So I searched and searched until I found this simple way to uncover with the real issue was, solve it, and then move on.

Let’s call it your FREEDOM FORMULA. It looks something like this:
The LC is lasting change. Basically, it boils down to three simple experiences.

Change doesn’t have to be complicated, my friend.

It doesn’t have to take years.

And it doesn’t have to be a fight.

You only have to be willing to do something this simple, with all your heart.

I am going to personally coach a small handful of handpicked people through the Freedom Formula who are ready to finally taste freedom from unwanted habits and addictions and have all the tools they will ever need to make that permanent.

That might be for you, it might not.

And since I’m a pretty direct person, I figure the best way to find that out is on the phone.
  •  No long-winded sales pages.
  •  No webinars.
  •  No 10-day email sequence.
  •  Just you and me on the phone. No strings attached.
Those 45 minutes could TURN your life Around.*
If any of this has struck a chord with you, if this idea of The Freedom Formula feels like it's offering you hope where you might have lost the will to even try anymore, good! Real change isn't as hard or complicated as you and I were told. It just takes the right approach.

If you're up for that kind of wild ride, then let's do this for good this time.

All you have to do is schedule a call (top of the page).

Fill out the questions. There are only four of them. Then pick a time, and we’ll get on the phone.

That’s it. 

Onward and upward.

Bob Gardner

Father to 6, Husband of 1, Martial arts afficionado, Word Nerd, and currently trying to learn the guitar.

(Or in other words, this isn't counseling. Just powerful experience that can bring lasting change.)

PS – Just to be clear, there’s a better way to freedom than relying on sheer willpower and accountability. It's a whole lot faster, happier, and longer lasting. If that's up your alley, click the button and schedule a call.

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* Actual results may vary based on the individual circumstances of each person. 
The best way to see if this might work for you is to go through the application process and speak with me 1-on-1 over the phone regarding your unique situation.

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